Our Services

5above Media and Marketing has been serving clients since 2009. From digital media videos to podcast production and web site creation, our firm continues to work with small to medium size clients bringing fresh ideas and design.

Digital Agency

From video/audio production to social media management and email campaigns, we deliver results for your project or business.              

ADA Website Compliance 

Is your website a barrier to many people simply because of it's design?  We can make you compliant in less than 24 hours. 


Messaging is very important in our thirty-second world. We will work with you to create the right messaging for your digital presence and emai/text marketing.    


If you are consultant or small business, we can provide marketing services that work for you using social media, websites, and personalized campaigns.  


Non-Profit Organizations 

Are you stuck trying to advance your cause? Wtih many years of experience, we can help you get started using current software to manage your donors and prospects.  And of course ASK for support. 


We can be your Virtual Assistants to get the campaign going, selling your latest great idea, or simply stepping up your presence on social media. We take care of the creative, the details, and the execution.   

Our Company

Founded by Frank Hoffman in 2009, 5above has served hundreds of clients across the country. With over 15 years of experience in marketing, non-profit management, broadcasting, and software development, Frank leads the company's creative team to get results. 

The landscape is changing as we all know. It is important to put your companiy's resources to the best use. We can work with you to rennovate your brand, or build a new brand.   Create effective marketing campaigns that will drive business your way.  5above can be your creative partner when you do not have staff to complete the tasks that need to get done to thrive in post COVID times.     

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We will respond quickly to discuss your ideas. Thank you! 

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